Christie gets only climate question at CNBC debate

Here’s how Chris Christie avoid saying “It’s bullcrap” when asked about global warming during last night’s GOP debate.

The transcript reads as follows:

QUICK: I want to go back, if I may, to the… HARWOOD: Governor Christie, you’ve said something that many in your party do not believe, which is that climate change is undeniable, that human activity contributes to it, and you said, quote: “The question is, what do we do to deal with it?”.

So what do we do?

CHRISTIE: Well, first off, what we don’t do is do what Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and Barack Obama want us to do, which is their solution for everything, put more taxes on it, give more money to Washington, D.C., and then they will fix it.

Well, there is no evidence that they can fix anything in Washington, D.C.

HARWOOD: What should we do?

CHRISTIE: What we should do is to be investing in all types of energy, John, all types of energy. I’ve laid out…

HARWOOD: You mean government?

CHRISTIE: No, John. John, do you want me to answer or do you want to answer?


How are we going to do this?


Because, I’ve got to tell you the truth, even in New Jersey what you’re doing is called rude. So…


We’ve laid out a national energy plan that says that we should invest in all types of energy. I will tell you, you could win a bet at a bar tonight, since we’re talking about fantasy football, if you ask who the top three states in America are that produce solar energy: California and Arizona are easy, but number three is New Jersey.

Why? Because we work with the private sector to make solar energy affordable and available to businesses and individuals in our state.

We need to make sure that we do everything across all kinds of energy: natural gas, oil, absolutely. But also where it’s affordable, solar, wind in Iowa has become very affordable and it makes sense.

That is the way we deal with global warming, climate change, or any of those problems, not through government intervention, not through government taxes, and for God’s sake, don’t send Washington another dime until they stop wasting the money they’re already sending there.

HARWOOD: Thank you, Governor.

3 thoughts on “Christie gets only climate question at CNBC debate”

  1. It is crony fascism, under the guise of helping to heal the planet. The vicious cycle is government funneling money to environmental non-profits and cronies who then funnel it back to the politicians who gave them the tax dollars (grants, subsidies, loans, etc). Everyone else suffers, including the planet (as determined by their own criteria).

  2. And, Bill, don’t forget that the subsidies are paid using money that is being paid in taxes and fees that are being levied on economically profitable enterprises who are, in turn, powered either directly or indirectly with energy that is derived mostly from fossil fuels.

    Is it a scam or is it a sham? Well, both, I guess. And it’s both a fraud and a farce in the bargain.

  3. Memo to Christie — public private partnerships are still socialism. Tax subsidies are the only way that solar and wind are viable. That is not private enterprise.

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