2 thoughts on “Despite climate alarmism, polar ice refuses to go away”

  1. Perhaps the climate changers could detonate a few nuclear bombs around the poles to melt the ice back to fit their models. But shrill, frantic lying seems to work too.

  2. Not that we shouldn’t be concerned about our environment or the planet, but climate, let alone weather, is rather unpredictable.

    Some people cite that natural climate change takes hundreds or thousands of years, but that fact is that during the Little Ice Age, “Farms and villages in the Swiss Alps were destroyed by encroaching glaciers during the mid-seventeenth century.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age

    That’s less then 100 years.

    And then there’s this –

    “The Younger Dryas saw a rapid return to glacial conditions in the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere between 12,900–11,500 years BP in sharp contrast to the warming of the preceding interstadial deglaciation. It has been believed that the transitions each occurred over a period of a DECADE or so, but the onset may have been FASTER.

    I was actually blocked from posting on “Skeptical Science” after sharing this information. Their “Fearless Leader” is a tyrant who believes himself to be some kind of white knight taking on those oh so Evil deniers ☺

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