Two EPA-conducted clinical studies report no ill-effects from high exposures to ozone

What if you exposed humans to 300 parts per billion of ozone, while exercising or under heat stress, and nothing happened to them?

In the first study, 23 adults were exposed to 300 parts per billion (ppb) ozone while exercising for two hours.

Here’s what happened to them:

Devlin Circulation ozone result

In the next study, 16 adults were exposed to 300 ppb ozone at 90.5 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.

Here’s what happened:

Devlin EHP ozone result

The horror.

Back to our original question, if you were EPA then you would propose to tighten the ozone standard from 75 ppb down to 65 ppb.

Makes perfect sense.

3 thoughts on “Two EPA-conducted clinical studies report no ill-effects from high exposures to ozone”

  1. I have not seen the latest EPA horror mentioned on this blog, but here is a link to something called “EJ 2020 Action Agenda” that is supposed to help
    the deadly EPA “advance environmental justice through its programs, policies and activities, and will support our cross-agency strategy on making a visible difference in environmentally overburdened, underserved and economically distressed communities…….. Strengthening our collaborations with the communities we serve, our governmental partners and all other interested stakeholders will be key to achieving meaningful outcomes in these communities.”

    According to the summary, the EPA has laid a foundation for integrating what they call “environmental justice” in all its programs, including “rule writing, perrmitting, enforcement, science and law” Truly a frightening concept.

    In NY we have seen firsthand what the long arm of the EPA is capable of doing as those bureaucrats, in partnership with our own state, county and town officials, many of whom are now allowed to carry guns, enforce environmental laws and rules against citizen taxpayers/ property owners. It seems that every drop of water is regulated in some way or other such that you can be arrested on the slightest pretext; in fact, you are assumed to be guilty and have to prove your innocence if you are unfortunate enough to get in the way of these thugs.


  2. The links are in the text. They are hyperlinked in the words “study” in the first 2 paragraphs. Just click on the words.

  3. Please include references for these studies and links to their abstracts on pubmed or full text on website of the publisher.

    Even harder for EPA to explain are the many more epi studies that show increasing ozone exposure decreases the risks being studied. This highlights that none of the ozone epi results–pos or neg–are reproducible nationwide, either city by city or state by state.

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