7 thoughts on “Stunning Video: EPA chief says she doesn’t know what the climate models say”

  1. The arrogance of this global warming/ fascist thug is beyond anything. Jeff Sessions is my hero. He is one of the only men left in Congress who still has cojones.

  2. Cudos to Sen. Sessions.
    Policy vs the models and Reality?
    The USEPA stance? “Damn the Models! Full speed ahead!”

  3. When I have a sick child do I take their temperature with a thermometer or rely on a model which has been increasingly inaccurate for each and every one of the last eighteen years? I think I know the answer to that one

  4. Climate Models, Polling Data, same thing different industries. Pay your money and get the desired outcome. They are both used to DRIVE opinion not reflect it. Gina on down the EPA is full of confidence, self esteem and itself.

  5. Steve Milloy and John Dun’s syllogism has to be answered. EPA says that small particle air pollution is a hazard that can cause instantaneous death. Experiments funded by EPA subject people to air with high concentrations of small particles. Therefore EPA violates international law.

    Global warming dangers result from a tripling of CO2 forcing from computer models. EPA has an obligation to reconcile their sine qua non with Satellite results that show no appreciable warming for nearly two decades. Too bad that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just doesn’t get syllogistic reasoning.

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