5 thoughts on “Federal judge trashes EPA compliance, attitude on Freedom of Information Act”

  1. Federal judges issue sanctions constantly. If the EPA accused a private company of willfully hiding or destroying files while in litigation before the court, the accusation alone would have led to sanctions by a federal judge.

  2. The EPA has stonewalled other projects using similar techniques to withhold evidence for their actions and regulations, such as Northern Dynasty Minerals and its Pebble Mine Project.

    The EPA is going to cripple progress, energy, the economy and bring down the country … and people will still not do anything, I fear.

  3. Darrell, the judge has to follow the law which requires substantial proof of intentional wrongdoing before sanctions can be imposed. It sounds to me that he would have liked to impose sanctions because he suspects this was no accident, but there just not enough evidence of that. Stupidity and incompetence are not enough..

  4. Wow, what a shoddy decision. Basically it appears to mean the EPA can do whatever they please and “this court” ain’t going to do one thing about it, after all, it is just shoddy practice. Watergate, etc. was just shoddy practice also.

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