New Mann study confirms climate models missed the pause — his excuse is it’s a false pause

Also… an interesting bit of failure-to-disclose irony.

The abstract is below. Click for the study ($$$).

Note Mann blames natural factors for the pause, then calls it a “false pause.”

Mann false pause

Note Mann thanks MIT’s Kerry Emanuel in the study. forced Emanuel to disclose his insurance industry ties.

Mann Emanuel

6 thoughts on “New Mann study confirms climate models missed the pause — his excuse is it’s a false pause”

  1. Here’s the problem with those who promote the AGW scam/hoax- the mainstream media that idolizes them constantly promotes the fraudulent make believe “science” of global warming, as in the article below:
    You think the people that read the HuffPo ever look at blogs like Junk Science et al? If so, how many? Meanwhile, Mann and his cronies get a free pass to continue spouting this crap.

  2. Mann is the best type of scientist for today’s research institutions. He can manipulate data so it tells the funding agency exactly what it wants to hear. As a result, he raises lots of grant money and these days, that is a quantitative an indication of brilliance as there is.

  3. Why isn’t Mann on double secret probation. Why would anyone take ANYTHING this guy writes seriously?

  4. The truly remarkable thing is that back in 2000, Joe D’Aleo PREDICTED the pause based on PDO and AMO oscillations. People like Mann told them they are only meteorologists and know nothing of climate. Now here is Mann and two other cohorts discovering the effect of ocean cycles on global temperatures. Another implications is that half the warming in the 80’s and 90’s should also be attributed to ocean cycles and their 2-3C temperature rise per century is likely off by a factor of 2.

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