9 thoughts on “Negotiating draft of UN climate agreement released”

  1. You know what the document is? “The New Communist Manifesto”.

    The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity is no longer socialism or communism but, rather, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism i.e. the Global Warming Doctrine.

  2. Treaty, smeaty. Do you think they will let a little thing like a Senate vote stand in their way? PLEASE people wake up. We MUST get the US out of the UN and stop all funds that flow to them. That is the ONLU answer. The first Presidential candidate that agrees to get us out of the UN and to shut down the unconstitutional agencies (Dept of ed, DOE, HUD, DOT, EPA etc) is the candidate we better rally around. But alas, will any candidate have the guts to do it? I doubt it because if they do the media will destroy them.

  3. The US left Kyoto under George Bush and that hasn’t stopped the agenda from moving forward. The only way this gets stopped is for the US to get out of the UN and stop every penny that is sent to them. These plans are only created to redistribute wealth from the US to the UN. And they use every scare tactic known to man. The environment was used because it is one thing that affects everyone. We are being fed the big lie in order to destroy our country and turn over all control to the UN. So as long as we remain in the UN we are going to see our country disappear.

  4. At least there is still a withdraw clause as was in kyoto. Canada left kyoto when it became clear that it was based on junk science, and profiteering by non democratic regimes. As for spears and bows, little good that will do when the white painted UN multi-national tanks roll up your street and round you up. Mother Earth=Mother Russia=World communism don’t be fooled, their plan is alive and well.

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