8 thoughts on “Warren Buffet-owned WIND company sues to block release of bird-death data.”

  1. There is a double standard here. If an oil company kills a duck or any other bird in a waste pond. they are held accountable and fined thousands of dollars. Wind farms get a free pass, where is “equality under the law”?

  2. @Game–

    Oh good, so we can get another Gestapo agency to perform this. Yep, we’re killing birds, and we are only following orders.

    Let’s see. What if they were killing babies? Would it not be their responsibility to care about that, either?

  3. “Trouble is, this is so much fluff without actual hard numbers.”

    It is not the turbine operators’ duty to provide the numbers.

  4. @Game–

    Here’s why you’re wrong. You just said “It’s no secret wind turbines kill birds.” Trouble is, this is so much fluff without actual hard numbers. The very fact that they are trying to keep this exact number secret is reason enough why it should be released.

    C’mon! If the chemophobes had hard data that BPA killed one baby over a million years of usage, they would be publicizing it 24/7..

    Wind energy is a big fat joke.

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