4 thoughts on “Climate deal summary…”

  1. Barack Obama is here in Brisbane (Australia) for the G20 Summit.
    He will give a speech at our fore-most University today.
    He will essentially say nothing, but everyone will gush, and applaud profusely, and be almost in tears. Ask them later what exactly he spoke about and no one will be able to tell you.
    I am flabbergasted at the tangible stupidity, but what can you do? Morons abound.

  2. China basically said they would ”try” to peak their emissions by 2030. Even if they abide by that statement, that gives them 16 more years of unimpeded development. I’d say they got the better end of the deal.

    I read the NYT article and wondered if the author even read or thought about what he wrote. The headline belies the content and anyone with a 3rd grade education can see that.

  3. The President has no authority to make such a deal and the US has no responsibility to comply with such a deal.

    China knows this and has no intention on keeping its part of the “bargain”.

  4. Isn’t it swell that Obama was able to get China to agree to help Obama pressure the US to stop producing energy? Looking for similar breakthroughs, I wonder if Obama could get Winnie the Pooh to support honey.

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