6 thoughts on “Warmists bed-wet over Southern Calif. heat wave — in September 1939 (100 ppm CO2 ago) it was much worse.”

  1. Don’t believe those temperatures. They haven’t been officially adjusted by NOAA. After the adjustment you will find it was actually several degrees cooler, and the reports of deaths and victims of prostration have been greatly exaggerated. /sarcoff

  2. I grew up in southern California in the 50’s and 60’s. Heat waves in September were normal. I am not well informed about this year’s weather, but is this just the normal heat at this time of year?

  3. A technical point about the website:

    I’m having problems reading the text of all your articles because the twitter feed and other elements on the left are bleeding into the body copy in the middle. This has been a problem for weeks. I’ve got Firefox with Win7 on a 22″ hdtv monitor set to ~1300 x 768.

    Ok, a sidenote, if I hit CTRL – (minus) several times to make the text “normal” sized (which becomes smaller and harder to read then without glasses), then the twitter feed etc stops blocking the text. But then lol the “Follow” popup on the right (which I can’t get rid of) is now blocking the text in the middle. In any case I don’t think the right or left elements should block the text regardless of how I may try to increase the text size for readability. It doesn’t on most other sites.

    Otherwise a great site! Thank you.

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