WV Paper: ‘War on coal’ now, ‘war on gas’ next

The West Virginia Gazette reports:

As with coal, experts say any desire to continue using natural gas long into the future needs to include plans to widely deploy carbon capture and storage, or CCS, technology on power plants.

For now, West Virginia leaders may focus on natural gas as an economic savior but, before too long, they might have to face the same questions about the industry’s greenhouse emissions as they are now confronting about coal.

In one new report, the Union of Concerned Scientists warned that continued increases in the use of natural gas for electricity generation too far into the future carries with it the risk of the worst consequences of climate change.

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3 thoughts on “WV Paper: ‘War on coal’ now, ‘war on gas’ next”

  1. Why on earth is a respected paper trying to present an objective viewpoint, quoting the “Union of Concerned Scientists?”

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