What Is Really At Stake In The GOP’s Subpoena Of EPA Data

Geoffrey Kabat wroites in the Wall Street Journal:

Asking that the underlying data from these studies be made available to the research community for independent re-analysis should not be regarded as some extreme demand – it should be a matter of course.

As with climate change, the science regarding the health effects of air pollution is difficult enough to get right without amplifying the confusion by imposing politics on it.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Really At Stake In The GOP’s Subpoena Of EPA Data”

  1. At this point, I hope they don’t release it. The longer they continue being evasive, the more we can spread doubt amongst the voters that are less inclined to actually read through scientific studies. Pointing out that the EPA wants us to do as we’re told without question resonates more than trying to nitpit statistical errors and malpractice in an outdated epidimiology study.

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