WashTimes: Reality intrudes on Al Gore’s hot dream

The Washington Times editorializes:

Al Gore’s multimillion-dollar scheme to persuade the world that global warming is about to boil, fry or saute us all is disappearing faster than an ice cube on the sidewalk on a summer day…

Facts aren’t likely to deter Mr. Gore’s diehard fans. They’re the loyal sort who will stand up and say he did, so, invent the Internet, and he really was the inspiration for the insipid movie “Love Story.” The groupies will keep mailing in the donations, and so will the crony-capitalist “green” companies, which would profit handsomely if Mr. Gore’s dreams and schemes should become actual policy. The cash will keep the incandescent lights on in the Gore house of many mansions, but it won’t be enough to restore his credibility. Since the planet hasn’t been warming at all, it’s only a matter of time before the public catches on and good ol’ Al and his schemes will be put permanently on ice.

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2 thoughts on “WashTimes: Reality intrudes on Al Gore’s hot dream”

  1. Al Gore: The Flim Flam Man meets Elmer Gantry. The man has become immensely wealthy pushing this nonsense. It doesn’t seem to matter that he is shown to be wrong and demonstrably silly, he still wins at making money. How many cons have such willing marks?

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