Warmist: We need a ‘red line’ on climate — ‘Revoke fossil fuel industry’s social license to operate’

Phil Aroneanu writes in The Guardian:

Climate movement activists throughout the world agree that we must fight the Keystone XL pipeline fight, but that we can’t only fight bad energy projects one by one. We must also chip away at the political power of the fossil fuel industry, and revoke their social license to operate.

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10 thoughts on “Warmist: We need a ‘red line’ on climate — ‘Revoke fossil fuel industry’s social license to operate’”

  1. Practice what you preach. Set the example and live without fossil fuel and anything made from it if you want people to follow your example.

  2. Point 3. Unfortunately, the people ultimately responsible for the damaging policies are the politicians. The only people that could actually hold them responsible in a legal way are other politicians. I don’t believe any politician is going to be willing to set such a precedent for fear it will be used against them in the future. They’ll just keep citing questionable surveys that show they were doing the “will of the people” and it’s not they’re fault the got bad intel.

  3. 1.The hypocrisy from these people is unbelievable.
    2. After 16 years of no warming how the hell do they keep bleating about CO2.
    3. I may be naive ‘but’ when is someone going to start taking these liars to court and start making them pay for the damage they have/and continue to cause.
    4.I truly believe in the freedom of speech, but that does not extend to the freedom to deceive.
    5. I (and I believe many others) are still waiting for any warmist to provide a shred of empirical evidence to support their cause – and I don’t mean the load of garbage that Gore conceived or the IPCC fabricates to suit their strange fairytale.

  4. Every fossil fuel provider should identify Mr. Aroneaunu’s bank account and credit card info and refuse any payment from him except in cash. And cut off the service. Then ask him about the social license to operate.
    If he can be hateful, so can they. Neener neener neener.

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