Warmist Naomi Oreskes: Important message of Gore movie is ‘ignorance of the public’

SDNews.com reports:

UCSD professor Naomi Oreskes teaches the history of earth and environmental science and said she believes that the more important storyline is the ignorance of the public, not the claims of the film.

“If this is coming as a surprise to people, that’s almost the biggest story here. That’s a really, really big problem,” Oreskes said. “Nothing in that movie should be a surprise to any educated person and the fact that it is is really telling.”

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5 thoughts on “Warmist Naomi Oreskes: Important message of Gore movie is ‘ignorance of the public’”

  1. That story is from seven years ago. Pretty sure you can’t find Oreskes, Al Gore or any other warmist, who wants to debate the merits of AIT.

    They figured it out after the first debate. There are none.

  2. I note that at the end of the Oreskes piece is a box allowing one to make a comment – It currently reads ‘No comment’ – should anyone be surprised – what possible comment could one make for such an idiotic load of bovine excreta – the bigger problem to me is that these types are teaching your kids – now that is scary!

  3. The surprise in “An Inconvenient Truth” is that it’s got no inconvenient truths. What’s inconvenient in it is not true at all. The “ignorant” are those who believe it. Even a UK judge recognized that all of its important claims are false.
    It’s too bad Gore failed Divinity before he failed science but passed political science. He might be an obscure pastor and we’d all be better off. Maybe even his flock would be.

  4. And… which Gore movie would that be? The one about the young lovers, with a tragic death at the end?

    Oh, wait a minute… I KNOW! The one about the old man and the masseuse… what was the name of that one? Best Little Whorehouse in Oregon, or something like that…

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