Warmist McKibben: ‘I don’t know that I feel like a hypocrite anymore. I mean, I fly all the time’

From a Salon interview with 350.org’s Bill McKibben:

Salon: It’s funny, because I write about the environment, and I feel like a hypocrite when I drink out of a plastic water bottle. You got to the point where you had to be arrested on the White House lawn for this.

McKibben: Well, I don’t know that I feel like a hypocrite anymore. I mean, I fly all the time, or I have for the past few years as we’ve organized 350. But this is a systemic problem. It’s going to be solved or not solved by a systemic solution. It’s past the point where we’re going to manage to do it one light bulb at a time. The roof of my house is covered in solar panels. When I’m home, I’m a pretty green fellow. But I know that that’s not actually going to solve the problem. So a lot of people have to get on the train and go to Washington to be in protests.

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4 thoughts on “Warmist McKibben: ‘I don’t know that I feel like a hypocrite anymore. I mean, I fly all the time’”

  1. 5 PM newscast. “Good evening everyone, this is Allis Spin with our latest coverage of Snob Shoals events. The biggest story tonight is that famous environmental activist Ms B Devious’ beautiful 4 story mansion has finally been completed and she is moving in today. The mansion sets about one third the way up on the side of Mudslide Mountain, the most prominent peak in Rumbling Ridge. It has a beautiful view of the wildfire hills below. It has a large landing pad for her private heliocopter that also covers her 6 car garage where she houses her Hummer, Stretch Limo, ATVs and her classic Jags. To celebrate her new digs she is hosting a house warming this week end with such prominent fellow activists as Bob Bloviator and the two Knights from the UK, Sir Liesalot and Sir Spender. Ms Devious is the one who wrote the famous environmental slogan “Live simply so that others may simply live”.

  2. “The roof of my house is covered in solar panels.”

    McKibben lives in Vermont.
    99.6% of Vermont’s electricity is generated using nuclear, hydro or biomass. Vermont has almost the lowest annualized solar insolation in the country.
    What sort of jackass would think that solar panels in Vermont would make any difference to the climate?

    Oh yeah, that would be journalism major turned climate expert Bill McKibben, whose paycheck comes from the dirtiest of sources, old big oil one-percenters (aka the Rockefeller foundation).

  3. My grandmother taught me that the reason that you should always tell the truth is that if you start to tell lies too often, you become comfortable with lies and cannot tell the difference between lies and the truth. Hypocrisy is that way.

  4. I can only say that he’s been a hypocrite for so long, he can’t feel it anymore. Ignorance is bliss, as they say! And he Pimps ignorance.

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