Warmist Kevin Trenberth: ‘IPCC has outgrown its usefulness’

The Guardian report:

International scientists are calling for an overhaul of the United Nations’ “blockbuster” climate reports ahead of the delivery of the next big assessment…

“I think myself that the IPCC has outgrown its usefulness in the way in which it does things,” said Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Colorado.

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5 thoughts on “Warmist Kevin Trenberth: ‘IPCC has outgrown its usefulness’”

  1. The article claims that it “…would be better put to studying regional impacts of climate change, or specific phenomena…”.
    That is a clever way of saying that since the reports will show NO global warming–we should stop doing the reports and pick and choose regions where it is warmer and find “specific phenomena” (like one drowning polar bear) that will support the story.
    Who needs science when we can just make it up?

  2. False hope. The bulk of the argument is that the IPCC needs to be more involved in local issues and release reports more often. His reason, of course, is that the science is settled so any further research is redundant. Aparantly his solution to deniers clouding the issue by calling out all the mistakes and errors in the report is to call “game over, I win” and not even release the reports anymore.

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