17 thoughts on “Warmist credits US ‘deniers’ with helping unseating Aussie government”

  1. I expect reports of Abbott having sex with kangaroos before the week is out. Labor feels under siege, and people under siege will do anything.

  2. The BBC reports today with this headline:

    “Australia’s PM-elect Abbott vows quick action on asylum”

    The intro that follows says:

    “Australia’s PM-elect Tony Abbott has said his top priorities are to abolish a tax on carbon emissions and to stop asylum-seekers arriving by boat.”

    Then it goes on about asylum-seekers and other fluff. You can tell they love reporting.

  3. Thanks from me to Steve and Anthony, and of course our bloggers like Jo Nova and Simon from ACM, for helping us here in Oz.

    If only now our left parties can get their heads around the concept that CAGW isn’t happening and that empirical sensitivity is low. Then we might have a chance of saving science from the cultish mysticism which it has been falling into.

  4. Common sense is alive and well in the South Pacific and although it is good to see the warmists kicking and screaming as they go down – prepared to blame anyone but themselves for their impending demise, you should also be aware that there has (and still is) been a solid section of the community that have fought this battle. Hopefully if the PMs of Australia and NZ (Abbott and Key) can join forces I am sure that just as we led the world in giving the vote to women, we can also lead the world back to the path of common sense.

  5. It just shows that when an electorate is given a credible choice between pro and anti -agw parties, the warmists lose out. Unfortunately, in the UK all of the major parties have signed on to the global warming band wagon, so we are disenfranchised.

  6. To add to your hope, evil’s source of power is the power it steals from the good and the sanction of its victims. It has no ability to create value on its own. It can only destroy. Ultimately, it destroys itself. Our primary challenge is to survive the process and refuse to grant to evil that which it has not and cannot earn.

  7. It is a good start. One step at a time. Enough steps and you arrive at your goal.

    First Australia. Then the US. Finally, the rest of the world. Free of the misanthropic nihilistic watermelons. With them pushed back into the dark dank uninhabitable place they came from.

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