11 thoughts on “Video: Al Gore claims number of hot days worldwide has increased 100-fold”

  1. As our friends above note, there is no way to increase the number of “hot” days by 100fold. Not enough days in the calendar to do it. But this is on par with all of Gore’s Nobel-winning math and science.
    The ghastly thing is less that we have charlatans, who are nothing new, and the credence ordinary people give them. If this is what doubling per-student spending in real terms has produced, we need to cut school spending and get back to learning.

  2. If I define it that way I get 365 days above freezing (New Orleans, LA) X 100 = 36,500 hot days a year. This must be more of that “fuzzy math” George Bush was talking about.

  3. Now, now. This could be true, just redefine “hot”. Say anything above freezing is now hot, and we have lots more hot days.

  4. So… 365 days a year, but, it’s only really hot in the summer, so 1/4*365=91.25
    91.25 increased “100 fold”…

    9,125 hot days a year?

  5. Exaggerating is a nice term. This is one of dozens of outright lies!!!
    Unfortunately, the underinformed and emotional sociologists (aka “call me an evironmentalist”) who have no clue about science or scientific rigor will suck this stuff up and remain ignorant of the facts. But then they never let facts get in the way of their agenda.

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