UK Paper: Should climate change be added to the civil rights agenda?

The right to an unchanging mean global temperature? Preindustrial atmospheric CO2? What?

A warmist opines at the Guardian:

We marched against the recent attack on voting rights. We demanded justice in the face of Stand Your Ground laws and racial profiling. We marched to raise awareness on unemployment, poverty, gun violence, immigration, and gay rights. And we called for action on climate change.

Chances are, when you think about civil rights, environmental issues aren’t on the radar screen. But stop and think about it. Remember Hurricane Katrina?

The hurricane that leveled New Orleans showed that severe weather in low-income neighborhoods and communities of colour is a matter of life and death. The images from the storm are hard to forget: bodies floating in water for days and thousands of people stranded without shelter, waiting for help that was too slow to come.

It’s not difficult to see how injustice and inequality played out during Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people were subjected to needless loss, suffering, even death — just because they didn’t have the resources to prepare and escape the storm.

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6 thoughts on “UK Paper: Should climate change be added to the civil rights agenda?”

  1. In January 2012 Lisa Jackson made a speech at the EPA observance of Martin Luther King day:

    “Today we continue to take direct inspiration from Dr. King, especially in our fight for environmental justice. Environmental justice is one of my top priorities for my time at the EPA, and it is something we are working to include in each and every initiative and decision the agency makes.”

    And there is this from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in 2004:

    “African Americans are less responsible for climate change than other
    Americans; historically and at present, African Americans emit less greenhouse gas.”

  2. What a mish mash of leftist ideological talking points. The revival of Katrina was laughable. Do they really think that no one knows that NOLA is at or below sea level with the water held back by levees and removed by pumps. Any failure of pumping can be a disaster, as was shown. Levees and pumps weren’t maintained and the political leadership at city and state level was a failure. Also, no one seems to remember that the Corps of Engineers had a plan to keep a Katrina-like storm from creating an overtopping of the lake levee 40 years ago that was killed by environmentalists. They are never responsible for their actions.
    CO2 is the problem and we can keep it constant to control the climate? I sprayed my afternoon libation on the keyboard laughing at that piece of wisdom.

  3. The height of human arrogance to think that man can control nature. Climate change will happen in spite of man and industry.

  4. More one imbecile playing the card that black peoples, child, poor people, womens, gays, homosexuals etc etc will be the most victims of climate change. This is being repeated ad nauseum in a attempt to turn the hoax as legitimate grass-root movement, when is exactly the opposite. Repulsive!

  5. I’m always reminded of Shrek, where the guard is trying to arrest him and he asks “you and what army?” At which point the guard turns to discover he’s all alone.

    Warmists keep dreaming of a huge grassroots following who will overthrow the fossil fuel oppressors. Unfortunately nobody’s really interested. On the one side we have the capitalist West on the other we have North Korea and maybe Cuba. Oooo, so hard to choose.

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