UK climate minister: Wind farm opponents living in stone age

The Telegraph reports:

Mr Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, accused Conservatives of attempting to “destroy” the UK’s renewables industry.

He singled out Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, warning that he is trying to “cull” wind turbines…

In his speech to the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, Mr Davey said that he is being forced to fight “battles” with Mr Paterson over wind turbines.

“Take the battles I fight over wind power,” Mr Davey said. “Owen Paterson would cull wind turbines faster than he can cull badgers.

“But we have prevented the stone age wing of the Conservative Party from destroying our leading renewables industry.”

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2 thoughts on “UK climate minister: Wind farm opponents living in stone age”

  1. Yes marque2, I was also wondering who was traveling back to the stone age. What next – convert all the cruise ships to sailing boats! – or perhaps oarsmen.

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