UC-Davis gets $11 million to study how to get Californians to drive less — except during ‘catastrophic climate events’

From the Sacramento Bee:

The University of California, Davis, was chosen this week in a national competition to lead an $11million federal study of how to reduce the impact America’s transportation system has on climate change – and to come up with ways to keep people moving when catastrophic climate events occur.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the Davis Institute for Transportation Studies will look into ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the everyday movement of Americans to work, school and elsewhere. Federal officials say the national transportation system, mainly solo drivers in cars, accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, which have been said to influence climate change, including extreme weather events such as hurricanes. Davis researchers will head a team with several other universities on the two-year project.

Davis officials said the grant will boost their ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of driving Californians do daily. The Davis institute will conduct the federal research program under the formal title of National Center for Sustainable Transportation.

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6 thoughts on “UC-Davis gets $11 million to study how to get Californians to drive less — except during ‘catastrophic climate events’”

  1. I thought that the left already decided that all of these things were sufficient:
    Raising fuel prices by various means
    Not expanding road carrying capacity
    Making cars more expensive via regulation and fees
    Killing jobs so you won’t have to drive to work
    Allowing illegals to share the road
    and on, and on…

  2. Why aren’t they doing a study on how to get people moving right now?
    Why worry about moving only when there is a catastrophe?
    Wouldn’t that make better sense?
    Oh. Of course. Sorry. What’s sense got to do with it?

  3. An Nanny Pelosi said that there was nothing left to cut from the federal budget. If the unthinkable happens, and Nanny Pelosi becomes speaker of the House again, she’ll return to using an expensively stocked Air Force 757 as her private charter, as will her grandchildren, usually without her. She’ll then mandate that we drive less to reduce our footprint.

  4. People will drive less if you deliver beer to their homes and give them free internet and movies. Now give me $11M.

  5. This is why these people stay at the university. No responsibility to anyone for what you dream up. In a real job it is 15 minutes to return your key and get out. Casts a bitter shadow on those who work in universities responsibly and seriously.

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