Too much Kool-Aid: Lord Stern says climate models substantially underpredict climate change

The Financial Times reports:

The assessment, the first of its type in six years, is expected to confirm that scientists are more certain than ever that climate change is happening and humans are largely responsible.

However, Lord Stern said the climate models on which much of the new report is based “substantially underestimate” the risks that climate change poses for future generations.

This was because scientists were unable to include information in them about which knowledge was still forming, such as the impact melting permafrost might have on the climate if it causes the release of vast plumes of trapped methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.

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4 thoughts on “Too much Kool-Aid: Lord Stern says climate models substantially underpredict climate change”

  1. Gross! Like a B. A. with Jane Austen as specialty would launch lofty statements about the status of pseudoscalar meson theory of nuclear forces and having them published in The Physical Review. Worse still, Lord Stern hasn’t exactly scored high on financial arithmetic. He calculated discounted interest wrong in his famous report, let alone the frogs in it regarding climate development and the effects of it. Anyway, the report has been chewed to pieces by serious people more skilled in the disciplines it covers. To be fair, it has also been praised, but mostly for the fact that it has been written, not so much for any value of its content.
    To be sure, B.A:s with Jane Austen as specialty are doing more good for mankind than these climate doomsday mongers. At least they don’t fix her texts before starting to analyse them.

  2. Link points to a different article.

    Still pushing thawed permafrost as a carbon source. Thawed plants grow. Growing plants absorb carbon. Where else would the frozen plant material come from?

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