8 thoughts on “Study: Battery storage won’t work for wind — more efficient to shut down turbines than to store energy”

  1. True, +edwardgallagher, and yet in that religion no one does line up to be cold, poor and hungry.

    They line up to make OTHERS cold, poor and hungry — while their Pope flies around in his private jet lecturing all of us on why WE must do with less, and then goes home to his mansion that uses more electricity than anyone else in Nashville.

  2. The article says pumped storage works best–meaning you build TWO power plants instead of one. You also can only build these were there is an incline suitable for pumping up to and running water back down. This is very limiting also. In warmer weather, there is less wind or no wind, and the evaporation rate for the water goes up. Then we need another backup for these situations. Can we build these where the winters are really cold or will the system freeze up if circulation ceases? We are building energy that is not reliable, costs twice or three times as much in many cases and then pretending we won’t need fossil fuels. Of course we won’t, if we live in caves and scavenge for food. Otherwise, this is just a pipe dream that pays out huge bucks to the already wealthy corporations involved. It’s about money, not energy.

  3. Facts are inconvenient to those whose life revolves a dogma that would keep the human race living in a society of shortages, rationing and suffering. The AGW religion only works if governments impose it on the population. No one is lining up anywhere to be cold, poor and hungry.

  4. If one give more than 2 minutes of thought you realize the impracticality of solar and wind power as a significant part of out power grid in any manner approaching efficiency. If you had solar panels on your roof and a windmill in your home you might be able to heat some water, or pump some water, or charge batteries for lighting etc. But you would have a Rube Goldberg set up on millions of homes causing untold numbers of fires and deaths every day. The cost of kwh will of course skyrocket requiring huge energy subsidies for the poor that would suck what little remaining capital there is out of the private sector and force each and every country in the world to rely on government handouts, with their rules and regulations designed to keep us all in line in a zero growth economy. Now if you take control of health care to boot, you have the perfect slave oriented dictatorship. Ooops, did I just stumble onto something here?

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