Reuters: IPCC to be more certain than ever despite using ‘uncertainty’ 42 times in report

Reuters reports:

Top climate scientists will blame mankind more clearly than ever for global warming next week but may struggle to drive home the message in a report that uses the term “uncertainty” 42 times.

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2 thoughts on “Reuters: IPCC to be more certain than ever despite using ‘uncertainty’ 42 times in report”

  1. Funny how the press always present the IPCC folks as “top experts” or “top scientists” whereas all past and present reports have been wrong about almost every prediction they made. I’d say these guys and gals need to go back to school…..or admit they got it wrong and let some other “experts” take their place….perhaps an addition of some critical thinkers would be in order.

  2. I love the line “uncertainty is inevitable at the frontiers of knowledge – in, for instance, calculating how much of Greenland will thaw or how fast temperatures will rise by 2100 – but that policymakers and the public often mistake it for ignorance”
    The ‘uncertainty’ is a measure of how well they do know what they ‘think’ they know.
    When it comes to things such as the net effects of clouds of various types and compositions, things that are completely overlooked in the reports and left out of the ‘models’, that is where the real ignorance comes in – with total certainty.

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