Report: Obama aims to ‘criminalize’ CO2 emissions

Bloomberg News reports:

Later this morning, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy will present new draft rules for how much carbon dioxide power plants are to be allowed to spew into the atmosphere. The proposal is considered historic, especially by those who had to sift the 2.5 million or so public comments on the previous draft of these rules. In one respect, it is: This will mark the first time the U.S. has treated carbon dioxide— the leading greenhouse gas that is warming the earth’s atmosphere and imperiling life everywhere— as pollution, full stop. If you’re pumping more than your legal limit of CO2 into the sky, well then, you sir, are a criminal.

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9 thoughts on “Report: Obama aims to ‘criminalize’ CO2 emissions”

  1. There is plenty of evidence that CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas. In fact there are studies that show that climate drives CO2 levels, not the other way around. After all, it is only 1.8 percent of the atmosphere and if it has increased from 300 ppm to almost 400 ppm that only a 25% increase of something that is less than 2% of the atmosphere to begin with. Add to that the fact that CO2 is a poor conduit of heat from sunlight (water vapor absorbs 8 times as much heat) that it is arguably irrelevant to the global climate change picture as a cause of that change. The real criminals here are those who would upset the entire global economy based on a lie, but that’s what criminals (politicians) do, lie to steal our money and subject us under their power.

  2. Surely the worst US President ever?

    We are carbon based life forms, plants need CO2 the more the better up to a point. Time for Obama to be told the actual facts about Climate/Change/Disruption.

  3. We got here by tolerating people like you, who throw narcissist lunatics like Obama in the same category with 24-7, all-weather patriots like FDR and Ku Klux Klan promoters like Woodrow Wilson. And then you presume to tell us how we should vote! FDR stands apart and miles above the other two.

    Yes, FDR had power, because he earned the trust of the American people, and the American people were wise enough to recognize the quality of leadership he offered, and he was nobody’s tool but God’s. He gave our perpetual enemy, the Anglo-Dutch global financial empire and its American branch, Wall Street, “shit fits”, and jail time, when they acted as is their custom, as though the law that applies to all other Americans doesn’t apply to them. He appointed Ferdinand Pecora to investigate financial fraud, and he pulled no punches!

  4. Because its all part of a political coup to control and tax us. If they ever mention that CO2 represents 0.04% of the total air and that human causes represent around 4% of the total CO2 released yearly in to the atmosphere, then people might realise what a sham the whole thing is.
    So sssshhhhh – dont tell anyone or the scam might be found out.

  5. Why does no one even mention that CO2 is just a very small natural part (less than 0.04%) of air and cannot possible be the cause of weather problems?

  6. Obama is a big fan and follower of the “Everything not compulsory is forbidden” school of government. He’s a totalitarian at heart and he is supported in Congress and the press by those like him. He is their tool far more than their leader; a voice that (somehow) carries a lot of weight with fools and the pen that signs their agendas into law.
    How did we get here? What happened to voting responsibly? Obama and Pelosi and Reid have their predecessors but they were marginalized. Now they’re dead center, incarnations of Wilson and FDR but with even more ambitions and more power.
    It’s the voters. Gotta get the voters to think differently and vote differently. Tough job.

  7. Another paragraph to the US suicide note. McCarthy sounds like an idiot to me. How can you criminalize production of a natural gas that promotes plant growth.
    Oh this is from the EPA who live on a different planet.

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