4 thoughts on “Photo: EPA implies coal plant CO2 rules will cause blue skies”

  1. That reminds me of a side banner I saw the other day linking to some senator, to tell him you want CO2 regulations. It also had a wispy cloud surrounding a girl, like CO2 looks like smoke or something.

  2. The tin foil hat wearing part of me wonders if they aren’t going to deliberately miswrite all legislation to specify carbon rather than CO2. Imagine the regulatory powers they could claim if they could control anything with carbon in it?

  3. “Carbon pollution” is simply a false statement. For one thing, the chemical involved is carbon dioxide, CO2, not Carbon, C. This isn’t trivial; chunks of carbon floating around would be particulate pollution, a different topic altogether, but the alarmists like to blur this line.
    CO2 is invisible. Smoke almost always contains CO2, but we’ve got visible smoke thoroughly under control in advanced industrial societies. China, maybe not.
    Lies to ruin our lifestyles. Sheesh.

  4. “CO2 is invisible, of course.” Everybody knows that when you buy a block of CO2 it is white. Everytime you see a reporter talk about pollution she/he is standing in front of a big box spewing white smoke out. So, what do you mean you can’t see CO2? 🙂

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