Oliver Twist-ing in the Wind: UK offshore wind needs more subsidies, says energy minister

“Please sir, I want some more.”

The Telegraph reports:

The Committee on Climate Change has written to Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, to warn that “required investment is at risk under current proposals”.

Proposed reductions in subsidy levels for offshore wind farms this decade are too severe for the cost reductions that the industry can achieve, it warns.

Ministers also appear to have dramatically scaled back their ambitions for how much offshore wind is wanted in the long-term, undermining confidence in the sector.

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5 thoughts on “Oliver Twist-ing in the Wind: UK offshore wind needs more subsidies, says energy minister”

  1. The EU is likely to destroy itself over energy. Germany is beginning to reverse itself and is probably the only viable economy left in Europe. Germany will finally be able to conquer the entire continent as it will be the only country with reliable electricity. I will love it to hear a Frenchman speaking German, again.

  2. Because if you refer to it as pouring taxpayers’ money down a rat hole, you’re an environmental criminal. Ted Turner used to tell my kids that via a guy with a green mullet.

  3. Tee hee hee hee hee (but bitterly). The UK will probably raise the money for the wind subsidies from fracked methane…

  4. Scrap the subsidies as we taxpayers are fed up with increasing energy costs caused by the myth that renewables are the only way to generate energy.

    Without Carbon Dioxide we die, the plants die; with it we enjoy life and with more of it we get more food and greener trees………

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