No MSM Bias Here: Skeptics paid, but warmists work for free?

In its report of the Heartland Institute’s new report “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science,” the trade press publication Climatewire reports:

Private Heartland documents disseminated on the Internet in 2012 show that the group budgeted $1.59 million between 2010 and 2013 for the book’s production. The documents listed 13 paid authors. Of those, Idso earned the most in 2012, or $11,600 a month.

Now when was the last time the MSM reported on how much warmists were paid for their work?

2 thoughts on “No MSM Bias Here: Skeptics paid, but warmists work for free?”

  1. I just love the premise that anyone who can use their intelligence to support themselves rather than being a government welfare scientist is suspect. When did private initiative become dishonest. It is possible to be motivated by profit and still have ethics and principles.

  2. Give Climatewire some credit for at least calling the documents “private”. The “Skeptic group launches campaign to question climate science” is behind a paywall, but if our AGW friends are as predictable has they always have been, the piece probably makes no mention of the documents being stolen via identity theft by a prominent AGW promoter/scientist.

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