National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy

The Washington Times reports:

Gun owners place a high value on their privacy. Anti-gun politicians realize this and are hoping they can use the prospect of entering their names into a gun registry to scare these Americans away from buying a firearm. Every time these gun grabbers get caught in the act, Second Amendment supporters need to cry foul.

Over the weekend, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and the Maryland State Police released the confidential information of people applying for firearms purchases to five massive state agencies. The stated purpose, according to a police statement Saturday night, was to speed up the processing of a backlog of 39,000 applications.

The backlog was created by the public response to Mr. O’Malley’s radical new gun-control laws that kick in on Oct. 1, requiring anyone who wants to buy a handgun to submit to fingerprinting, licensing and the completion of a four-hour training course. This will be just like the mandatory course the District of Columbia did away with last year after concluding it was entirely unnecessary.

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6 thoughts on “National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy”

  1. Back when the New York Journal published the names and addresses of registered gun owners I saw a great bit by Project Veritas where they went to the journalists and editors homes soliciting for gun control by asking them to put “This home is proudly gun free” signs in their front yard. Surprisingly none of them would do it.
    I wonder if Martin O’Malley would be willing to set an example by dismissing all of his armed guards and publicly declaring his own home a “gun free zone”.

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