NASA setting up to blame ‘Supertyphoon’ Usagi on global warming

NASA reports:

The radar on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite captured an image of Supertyphoon Usagi near the end of a 24-hour period in which Usagi intensified by 65 knots. This is more than twice the commonly used 30-knot threshold for defining rapid intensification.

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3 thoughts on “NASA setting up to blame ‘Supertyphoon’ Usagi on global warming”

  1. This was a huge overhyped bust. It never went into Hong Kong, but up the coast like the ECMWF had. focused on the northern track and downplayed Hong Kong starting Thursday. It was as if there was a wish for the direct hit.

    Rapid feedback is nothing new, its just that NASA people have not watched such things before. The most remarkable thing about the pacific season is how dead it is. Perhaps someone should send NASA the ACE indexes as not even the Atlantic is taking up any slack this year. The dry air in the tropics and dropping of mixing ratio IS EXACTLY OPPOSITE of the IPCC trapping hot spot theory, which the EPA is using as one of its 3 lines of evidence to run deep. Its amazing how deep this cancer of deception is running in government agencies. They are relentless and care nothing for opinions that challenge their own.

    Please have Nasa explain the global ace, which is tanked all over, Pacific included. I would think one major typhoon should show up. Even when the sun falls asleep, there are some outrageous CME’s. I guess that is caused by man also, eh?

    for nasa

    Pacific at 50% of normal. Wake up will you

  2. How much is NASA being paid to blame this typhoon on climate change? This is all getting very tiresome. Global warming….climate change….global cooling…when can we go back to just calling it, “weather”?

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