More Lisa Jackson transparency: Apple refuses to disclose carbon emissions data — Let’s ask

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson now heads Apple’s green PR.

The Guardian reports:

There comes a time when naming and shaming is the only way to get some businesses to start taking their responsibilities seriously.

This is why CDP, the respected global NGO, has for the first time compiled and published a list of major companies around the world that are refusing to disclose details of their carbon emissions.

In the US, that includes household names such as Apple, Facebook,, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Caterpillar and General Dynamics.

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7 thoughts on “More Lisa Jackson transparency: Apple refuses to disclose carbon emissions data — Let’s ask”

  1. Neither a hipster nor twentysomething, but on occasion, I do feel as though everybody in the room was my senior (Including my twentysomething children). I think, man, I will never rise to such an incredible level of maturity.

    I guess that’s fine. I rather like Dawkins’s observation that humans are the only kind of ape that chose not to develop into full maturity. He calls us “juvenile apes”.

  2. I’m part of Apple target demographic. The only Apple emissions I care about are screens with good resolution and reliable hardware.

  3. Absolutely. I’d go further and say that the act of calling them out is itself punative. the “Apple refuses to publish numbers” conversation will continue to taint their reputation for a long time, especially considering their target demographic. Even if they cave and publish the numbers it’ll run below the fold in a few financial journals the green crowd doesn’t read.

    Even if Jo Confino gets whatever concession he’s demanding of them the closest they’ll get to an apology is a follow-up editorial about how the guardian brought an evil corporation to its knees.

  4. I read the article and would like to pose a theoretical question to the CEO of Henderson Global Investors. If you had to decide upon investing in a company that refused to report its carbon emissions, but reported huge earnings ,or a company that reported its emissions, but had zero earnings,which one would you choose to recommend to your clients? As an investor, my only concern is my ROI,nothing more ,nothing less.If I were one of his clients,I feel he fail his fiduciary responsibitity to me if he chose the latter.BTW, Iget a creepy feeling that the demand for these data from those that chose not to report, smacks of a bit of veiled extortion (i.e., if you don’t cough up, then we might say disparaging things about you).
    Any thought from the collective?

  5. I love the phrase “aura of arrogance” being used by a self appointed arbiter of global climate justice with a glorified blog.

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