Lord Stern: Global warming may soon cause ‘mass migration and endless conflict’

Lord Nicholas Stern hyperventilates in the Financial Times:

For governments, the stark fact is that after less than 1C of warming we are seeing fundamental changes to the world’s climate, which could soon be transformed beyond anything modern humans have experienced, potentially causing mass migration and endless conflict. This should focus minds as they choose policies for emissions reductions and prepare for international climate negotiations in Warsaw this year. They are working towards the 2015 UN climate change summit in Paris, at which they hope to sign a treaty ensuring global action to reduce emissions by enough to give a good chance of avoiding the 2C threshold.

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7 thoughts on “Lord Stern: Global warming may soon cause ‘mass migration and endless conflict’”

  1. It seems to me that the entire history of humanity has been one of continuous conflict and war. Have there ever been extended periods of world-wide peace?

  2. These regions have been in constant conflict and people have been migrating to avoid the wars since the Imperialists left the locals to govern for themselves decades ago. The 60s and 70s had some of the worst fighting in the Middle East and Africa in modern times. Thia was back when James Hansen was a boy playing with his Jr. Meteorology Kit and the U.N. was busy trying to push Communism worldwide instead of the climate change agenda. Oh…I guess it still is, just using different means.

  3. It may soon? It has been causing conflict for decades.

    Put swindlers to jail (ideally) and the conflict will end. Practically, it means people need to change their voting habits. If that does not happen soon, the conflict is only going to grow worse.

    Where there is war, there is mass migration — it’s easy to be right about that.

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