Legal challenge awaits EPA’s lawless coal plant rules

The Hill reports:

“The Clean Air Act requires that technologies be demonstrated and take into account costs. Basing standards on highly-subsidized, non-commercial scale and even non-built facilities is contrary to the spirit and plain language of the [Clean Air Act],” said Scott Segal, an attorney and lobbyist with Bracewell & Giuliani who represents power companies.

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One thought on “Legal challenge awaits EPA’s lawless coal plant rules”

  1. I believe the preponderance of court rulings in this area have supported the EPA and have little hope that the suit will be successful at doing more than maybe delaying the rule. Once implemented, there is little likelihood the rule will be undone. McCarthy’s comments on CCS are a lie and she knows it, but no one really challenged her in the House hearings.
    I there was a footnote in the Pennsylvania Air administrative rules citing a court ruling that the fact that the requirement was impossible to meet was no defense. How likely is it that the Federal Courts will think differently? Who is appointing Federal Judges since 2009?
    The US has virtually unlimited energy resources and reserves, yet our “leadership” seems determined to drive us along the road of “energy poverty” just like we are seeing in Europe.

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