James Hansen: Allowing fossil fuel use like appeasing Nazis in 1930s

James Hansen rants on his web site:

We stand at a unique point in history when it is still possible to minimize climate disruption via an honest rising fee on carbon emissions that makes fossil fuels pay their costs to society, thus spurring our economies and a transformation to clean energies. If, instead, we choose to appease the fossil industry, subsidizing a move into unconventional fossil fuels, history and our children will surely recognize our connivance and cowardice and may judge us no less harshly than the judgment rendered upon the pre-war appeasers of the 1930s.

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9 thoughts on “James Hansen: Allowing fossil fuel use like appeasing Nazis in 1930s”

  1. Only bad people would deny poor people the right to live long and prosper by denying them access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel. Not like a murderer bad but pretty bad.

    Green extremists like Hansen should stop hindering progress by blindly supporting bird/bat killing, inefficient and high cost old wind turbine and solar tech technlogy and blocking the poor from access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel. Climate Change is Not The Enemy. Energy Poverty Is. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/03/15/james-hansens-policies-are-shafting-the-poor/

    Green Energy cannot exist without tax payer subsidies
    thus attract corruption like magnets. http://greencorruption.blogspot.com/
    Green energy crony capitalists spend billions to protect their business model. People who think otherwise are fools.

    Fossil fuel is good for the environment
    Green energy does more harm to the earth than fossil fuel.

  2. I eagerly await Mr. Hansen’s reports on his fossil fuel-free lifestyle. If he feels so strongly about the subject, surely he will eschew all petroleum based products.

  3. Do not forget that JAmes HAnsen endorses a population reduction to 3 bilion people from present 7 billion using just the same methods that were used by the Nazis he so warns us for.

  4. When will Green AGW protagonists repay the debt that they owe to society from the success of their economy destructive measures over the past 20 years.

    They having been chasing a non problem arising from their failure to understand elementary biology and from their corruption of scientific knowledge

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