IPCC report to admit parts of world as warm for decades during Medieval warm period as now

The Telegraph reports:

The summary also shows that scientist have now discovered that between 950 and 1250 AD, before the Industrial Revolution, parts of the world were as warm for decades at a time as they are now.

Despite a 2012 draft stating that the world is at it’s warmest for 1,300 years, the latest document states: “’Surface temperature reconstructions show multi-decadal intervals during the Medieval Climate Anomaly (950-1250) that were in some regions as warm as in the late 20th Century.”

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6 thoughts on “IPCC report to admit parts of world as warm for decades during Medieval warm period as now”

  1. It’s called The Medieval Climate Anomaly because calling it The Medieval Optimum would be unbearable. The warm period a few hundred years before the industrial revolution had a name long before the recent Global Warming [tm] scare. Also, the Medieval Optimum was worldwide, not regional. I’ve seen no credible evidence that it was a regional phenomena.

  2. Howdy Bob Greene
    I know in my own case, while I don’t know exactly how climate and weather work, I do know they don’t work like the AGW alarmists say they do.

  3. I’m in 50% agreement with the statement that both sides of the AGW issue do not understand how science works. The fact that I believe I do understand how science works makes me very skeptical about the continuing drumbeat of doom from the AGW crowd.

  4. “…the Medieval Climate Anomaly…” Why should it be an anomaly? Warm periods show up in historical records and proxies of many kinds, although I’d be cautious about assigning specific temperatures (if I doubt Mann’s tree-mometer for warming, I doubt it for all purposes). Calling this period an anomaly is meant to diminish its importance, yet it was apparently as long as the period following the Little Ice Age and likely warmer.
    Of course the MWP/MCA needs some explanation other than human production of CO2 or even CO2 levels, since I think CO2 was likely below 300ppm at that time.
    This site appeared to have an axe to grind and I offer it only as a possible source; didn’t find anything I really liked about MWP/MCA CO2 levels in a quick look.

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