Howler: IPCC says 15-year pauses in warming are ‘common’ — yet IPCC failed to predict ongoing ‘pause’

Reuters reports:

A “hiatus” in global warming so far this century is partly caused by natural variations in a chaotic climate and is unlikely to last, a draft United Nations report by leading climate scientists says.
The 127-page draft, and a shorter summary for policymakers that is due for release in Stockholm on September 27 after editing, say factors including a haze of volcanic ash and a cyclical dip in energy emitted from the sun may also have contributed to a slower warming trend…

“Fifteen-year-long hiatus periods are common” in both historical records and in computer models, the technical summary says. But scientists were caught out – in one computer model, 111 of 114 estimates over-stated recent temperature rises.

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3 thoughts on “Howler: IPCC says 15-year pauses in warming are ‘common’ — yet IPCC failed to predict ongoing ‘pause’”

  1. Someone needs to explain to Howler that 100 year warming cycles are common as well. So are cooling cycles. His acknowledgement of the “hiatus” should give him a hint as to the nature of natural climate cycles but NOOOOOO.

  2. Bob, for a second there I thought you were the guy I had the argument with here at Junk Science saying that Global Warming theory is right on track despite all the models being way off. lol
    As I’ve said before, if you’ve never tried to divine the future by reading sheep entrails, then you have no business criticizing it.

  3. All weather/climate phenomena are consistent with our theory and have been predicted by our models. Any doubters are simply admitting they don’t understand the nuances of the language or how to correctly read the tea leaves. [/sarc]

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