Global warming as a faith-based science

Dianna Coudriet writes at the Las Vegas Guardian Express:

The proposed evidence of global warming is to nonbelievers as the Bible is to evolutionists. If there is no solid evidence, then why should one believe it? The theories of global warming do make sense only until the opposite side requires more proof. Such a debate does contain a religious fervor, bringing the notion that, just because the impact is not yet felt, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

The impending doom in which one is to believe is a theory that is certainly intertwined with most religious perspectives. As religions such as Christianity and Judaism have an anthropocentric view, it is probably safe to say that the individuals who seek a science-based perspective where global warming is concerned should probably seek it without the knee-jerk reaction to convert the few who have yet to opine on the subject. Quite simple – try not to shove the global warming belief or nonbelief down our throats as the faith-based perspective of global warming is still a scientific hunch.

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