For the next time warmists poke fun at religion…

From Warmist Katharine Hayhoe in the Christian Post… do other warmists snicker at her or just religious skeptics?

From the very beginning of the Bible, the goodness of God’s Creation and God’s love for people is front and center. In Genesis, humans are tasked with stewardship of the earth and its creatures. The Psalms praise the beauty of the earth. The gospels exhort us to love our neighbors as ourselves. The epistles emphasize the importance of caring for those in need. It is hard to read through Scripture and not be convinced that caring for people and for the environment in which we live is part of our vocation as humans. It is something we are called to do in order to live faithfully in the world.

These convictions led us to join with 200 evangelical scientists in urging Congress to take action on climate change. Earlier in July, we sent congressional leaders a letter stating, “All of God’s Creation – humans and our environment – is groaning under the weight of our uncontrolled use of fossil fuels, bringing on a warming planet, melting ice, and rising seas. The negative consequences and burdens of a changing climate will fall disproportionately on those whom Jesus called ‘the least of these’: the poor, vulnerable, and oppressed.”

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Click for Mann’s snipe at Rep. Joe Barton’s comment on the Great Flood.

6 thoughts on “For the next time warmists poke fun at religion…”

  1. “200 evangelical scientists” — Sounds like something offered as scientific proof to the Inquisition. Does evangelical refer to their religion or relative fanaticism about AGW?

    Invoking religious authority to prop up weak science is an indictment of both.

  2. Howdy Jon
    Dr. Hayhoe’s first paragraph doesn’t quote Scripture directly but the concepts are all Scripturally valid. Her second paragraph is where I’d say the problems begin.

  3. If Dr. Hayhoe were correct about the danger of human-produced climate forcings, she’d be right that stewardship calls for dealing with those forcings.
    Since the evidence is that human forcings have an utterly negligible effect on climate and weather, her proposed plans are foolish and do great damage to “…the least of my brothers.” As Shrek observes when Fiona pulls the arrow out of him, “What you’re doing is the opposite of help.”

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