FAIL: Warmists desperately look for GOP convert on climate — NONE to be found

Politico reports:

Environmentalists are searching for a Rob Portman to call their own — a high-profile Republican who would emulate the Ohio senator’s flip on gay marriage, only this time by supporting action on climate change.

But the search for that elusive green Republican has so far come up short — and the prospects aren’t looking good in the short term.

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6 thoughts on “FAIL: Warmists desperately look for GOP convert on climate — NONE to be found”

  1. I don’t know, there are GOP nuts. Gov French Kiss Obama on the Beach after a storm Christie is one of them. Bloomberg – at least used to be GOP and he is a member of the church.

    Ooh here is a list of 7 more (and a joke) fortunately most of these folks are no longer in office.

  2. “growing evidence” is the weakest form of evidence.

    They got to Bob Inglis in South Carolina, though not really “a high-profile Republican.” Inglis bought himself a primary challenge and got blown out. Savvy Republicans are probably aware of that. In fact, every time you see Trey Gowdy, you can thank the Libtards for flipping Inglis.

  3. “…environmentalists are convinced Republicans will have no choice but to evolve as they face growing evidence of climate change”

    Nice conviction! The pile of falsehoods at the end of the sentence makes it look heroic.

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