Even wobbly GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander slams Obama for EPA coal rules

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) released the following statement on the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a proposed rule to enforce strict pollution standards on new coal plants, forcing them to capture and store at least 40 percent of their carbon emissions:

The Obama Administration must think our country, which uses 20 to 25 percent of all the electricity in the world, can operate on windmills. For most power plants there is no proven, commercially viable way to capture and store or reuse carbon emissions. This regulation, therefore, will drive up prices and drive down job growth. It is one more big, wet blanket on the American economy.

Alexander is a member of the Senate’s energy committee and the top Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development.

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3 thoughts on “Even wobbly GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander slams Obama for EPA coal rules”

  1. “His policies as stated will produce shortages and rationing.”

    Jimmy Carter on steroids. Carter declared that only government could fairly distribute limited commodities. Reagan said, “Screw that! We’re America; we can produce our way out of shortages.”

  2. The Obama energy and climate change policy are nothing more than a bare faced attempt to contol an even larger part of our life. His policies as stated will produce shortages and rationing. Wanna bet liberal businesses never have to worry about supply? This is just such a perfect environment to create a copy of the most corrupt of the Euro/Communists. Even worse is the idea by the left is to penalize the those who use more juice than an arbitrary basemark in order to subsidize the inevitable rate hikes as generating costs skyrocket. It is difficult to understand why more folks can’t see the obvious headed for us.

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