EPA kills another 525 coal mining jobs in Kentucky

The Daily Caller reports:

The James River Coal company announced Tuesday it is closing several mines in eastern Kentucky and laying off 525 employees. Republicans say the Environmental Protection Agency is to blame.

“It is a downright dire and disastrous situation in Martin, Pike, Letcher and our surrounding coal counties, yet the president is taking credit for a recovery!” Kentucky Republican Rep. Hal Rogers told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Deliberate anti-coal energy policies are sending thousands of families in my region to the unemployment line. I’ve talked to out of work miners struggling to put food on the table, find replacement work, and pay their bills.”

“Over 500 Kentuckians are now wondering how they’re going to feed their family and pay their bills, as a result of another shutdown at Kentucky coal mines,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, another Kentucky Republican. “The President is leading a war on coal and what that really means for Kentucky families is a war on jobs.

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3 thoughts on “EPA kills another 525 coal mining jobs in Kentucky”

  1. Isn’t purposely bankrupting companies and throwing people onto the unemployment heap akin to treason?

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