Denver Post insults Broncos fans — Weatherman explains IPCC report ‘in a form even Broncos fans can understand’

The Denver Post reports:

7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson put the report in a form even Broncos fans can understand:

“The climate is changing and warming due to increased greenhouse gases. However, there is a big difference between weather and climate. Weather is one play in a football game. Climate is the history of the NFL. Climate change is adding Peyton Manning to your offense. In other words, we are juicing the atmosphere and we will likely see an increase in extreme weather. Ninety percent of what we see is natural variation. The ‘Peyton Manning effect’ is the extra 10 percent.

“What this means is that a heat wave might be just a little hotter. A drought just a bit dryer and an extreme precipitation event just that much wetter.

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6 thoughts on “Denver Post insults Broncos fans — Weatherman explains IPCC report ‘in a form even Broncos fans can understand’”

  1. Again the sane interpretation is “no big deal, then”. If the midwestern states received 20 more tornados a year, no one would notice unless they were told. Same for a foot of sea level rise. Even if tomorrow’s high were 3 degrees F than today’s, how would you know if you weren’t told? You certainly wouldn’t guess that you should be panicked into sacrificing much of what humanity has worked towards the last 100 years to stop it.

  2. As soon as Mike get this weeks “weather” forecast correctly I will believe his assumptions of CO2 affecting “climate”.

  3. Okay–heat waves that are a “little bit hotter”–as in 1 degree or so? Droughts that are a bit drier–as in one or two more days, after the damage by the “natural” drought has been done?
    Extreme precipitation a bit wetter–as in the floods in Colorado would have a cup more rain?
    Without actual numbers, the kind the climate people cannot produce except for time periods after they’re all dead and can’t be held accountable, how do we know how serious this is?
    I really don’t see that even in football there’s any real predictability. People want to believe Payton is the “juice”, but then that overlooks the rest of the team and any improvements they may have made. In the analogy, the rest of the team has to remain static, does it not? If it’s to be Payton that is the “cause”.

  4. There are a lot of ‘might be’s’ here – Oh by the way I might be winning the national lottery next week as long as Peyton ‘whats his name’ turns up!

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