Defunded by taxpayers, Aussie climate commission to ‘push on’ with private funding

If only U.S. climate parasites would do the same.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

EXPERTS from the soon-to-be-abolished Climate Change Commission have vowed to push on voluntarily with their public education role.

Headed by 2007 Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, the commission was set up two years ago by the former Labor government to increase public awareness of climate-change science.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt last week phoned Professor Flannery and informed him of the decision to dump the commission to save money.

Mr Flannery and the other commissioners have vowed to continue their role on a voluntary basis, ABC TV reports.

They will call themselves the Climate Council and continue to release reports and engage in public debate.

Mr Hunt responded that it was a free country.

“I wish them good luck,” he told ABC TV.

“It proves our point that the commission did not have to be a taxpayer funded body.”

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5 thoughts on “Defunded by taxpayers, Aussie climate commission to ‘push on’ with private funding”

  1. We are all at the mercy of the school system which in NZ is very biased left wing socialist run – I don’t believe any intelligent person would work against proven scientific fact, but that is not what has been happening – we have had years of left wing indoctrination about the climate when in fact the climate has had little to do with their agenda. Some of the BS that has come out of Flannery’s mouth over the past few years is incredible however his lefty mates will go kicking and screaming till the end to support their misguided agenda’s

  2. It won’t be enough to vote the charlatans out of office or to debunk them in the scientific journals. We have to work hard to route them out of the schools. This all started in academia, and the final battles will be won or lost there. Elementary school textbooks still treat the catastrophic predictions as fact. Libraries and museums are full of currently falsified information being used to indoctrinate impressionable students. Unwitting parents tell their children to listen to their teachers because they’re the experts. The only way to end the cycle of misinformation is to elevate the general public’s critical thinking skills.

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