David Suzuki: New Aussie PM should be criminally charged for scrapping carbon tax and climate commission

Canoe.ca reports:

Canadian environmental icon David Suzuki took to the airwaves Monday night in Australia, where he faced tough questions on his stance on climate change.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation show Q&A, Suzuki was asked if he thought he went too far in a previous comment where he suggested that politicians such as Tony Abbott should be charged with criminal negligence.

Australia’s new prime minister recently scrapped the country’s climate commission and its carbon tax.

“I believe what’s going on now is criminal, our activity, because it’s a crime against future generations,” Suzuki said. “And there ought to be a legal position of intergenerational crime. And I think there’s criminal negligence.”

The crowd applauded Suzuki’s response.

Check out the video for Ezra Levant’s take on this latest controversy — and why Levant, host of The Source on Sun News Network, thinks Canadians should ask tougher questions of David Suzuki.

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10 thoughts on “David Suzuki: New Aussie PM should be criminally charged for scrapping carbon tax and climate commission”

  1. The Australian Broadcasting Commission is the turd of all left wing neo-tards. You wouldn’t get a sensible word from that station if their lives (make that livelihood) depended on it.
    They cram the seats full of left wing nutters and university students (that speaks volumes).
    Funny how he didn’t choose Andrew Bolt’s program to utter his vitriol.
    Most Australians are breathing a sigh of relief that we have Tony Abbott in charge. We specifically voted for him because he said he would dismantle the Climate Change Commission and get rid of that stupid Flannery (who told us that all coastal homes would be under water by 2012 but immediately turns around a buys a house on the water).
    Abbott moved very quickly – had Flannery looking for a job within two days of winning the election.
    Now, when can Tony Abbott run for the US Presidency?

  2. Presumably there are no pressing environmental issues in North America.
    Or maybe he is so disliked in his native country that he was just stopping off (on his way to Antarctica).

  3. The crime against future generations is saddling them with incomprehensible debt from chasing expensive and ineffectual solutions to a non-problem, while failing to pursue technologies that can better enable humans to adapt to changes that they cannot control.

  4. One would have thought that Suzuki’s best plan would be to come up with any proven facts that would support his case, but ‘NO’ lets keep slagging people off in the hope that you can generate some slimy green support!
    Sort of makes you sick really and to believe that all this BS goes right back to tricky Dicky

  5. Senile Suzuki should be charged with fear mongering for the purpose of scamming the general population, into surrendering their cash, for nothing in return. It’s over Suzuki, tuck your tail between your legs, and go home!!! Go Aussies!!! Stealing our children’s right to clean affordable, dependable energy, is what Suzuki and the greentards have in mind.

  6. Surely now that we all know that this climate stuff is simply BS to support a completely different agenda, people like Suzuki should be unmasked and shown for the despicable propagandist that he is!

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