Colorado lawmakers ousted in recall vote over gun law

The New York Times reports:

Two Colorado Democrats who provided crucial support for a slate of tough new gun-control laws were voted out of office on Tuesday in a recall vote widely seen as a test of popular support for gun restrictions after mass shootings in a Colorado movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

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22 thoughts on “Colorado lawmakers ousted in recall vote over gun law”

  1. If you can’t stop it with 20 rounds it is probably a government swat team trying to take the baby deer you have in the back yard.

    They got Giggles!

  2. I like in the article how the anti recall groups outspent the recall groups 10 – 1 and the NYT finds someone upset at how uch the recall group was spending on the recall effort. That takes skill to bias the story that much.

  3. Same here. I’ve got some 30s but I’ve only used them to make sure they work. Otherwise, they are in the way.

    If I can’t stop a home invasion with the 20 rounds in my AR-10, I probably can’t stop it.

  4. lib·er·ty. 1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control

    Magazine round count laws are tyranny. Distinctions between different round counts are absolutely arbitrary.

  5. Sorry about that. Actually, I’m not a fan of the 30-round AR mags and was looking for a 10-rounder, which is much better for bench and prone. Settled for a short 20.

  6. Out with Guv first, then my district rep. The law is unenforcable so outside of Aurora, CO…business as usual. Bob Greene…will you design the sarcastic Font! Thanks for the clarification.

  7. Read More at the

    Public Policy Polling, a noted and widely-followed polling firm, said Wednesday it made a “rare decision” last week to not release poll data predicating anti-gun Colorado state Senator Angela Giron would lose her recall election.

    “We did a poll last weekend in Colorado Senate District 3 and found that voters intended to recall Angela Giron by a 12 point margin, 54/42,” director Tom Jensen wrote on the firm’s blog.

    “In a district that Barack Obama won by almost 20 points I figured there was no way that could be right,” Jensen added. “It turns out we should have had more faith in our numbers becaue [sic] she was indeed recalled by 12 points.”

  8. Congrats to all of the Patriots of Colorado!!Fantastic work. Thanks to all of you. A fine example for the rest of the country. The writing is on the wall, and the remaining CO legislators know it. There will probably be a race to be the first legislator to propose a repeal of that POS law.

  9. I can’t tell you just how disappointed I am with the rejection of common sense gun laws.

    Oops! You forgot the [sarc] tag.

    Or do you define “common sense gun laws” as being anything other than Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules?

  10. Please Bob Greene, exactly what is “common sense” as it applies to what these former CO state senators championed? That its ok to kill another person with a 15 round magazine, but not a 20? That a church group cannot hold a gun “buy back” program because of the cost/legality of ownership transfer? I’ll get a fresh cup of joe while you extoll on said rejection.

  11. One only has to look at Chicago to see the results of tough gun laws. Only the Democrat Drug Gangs have guns and, of course, city Democrat politicians. The result is 10 shootings per day. Parents had to demand safe passage for their kids to walk to school because they feared the Obama Drug Gangs would attack their kids with cocaine, heroine, meth, etc. Chemical weapons of the drug gangs are killing Chicago inner city kids. Their parents can’t buy a gun because Obama won’t let them protect their kids. Obama sent his girls to a private school and they didn’t walk. The isssue isn’t guns! The issue is that Americans cannot protect themselves against CRIMINALS. Drug users are blessed by Obama.

  12. Maybe it sends a message to the gun grabbers.

    This requires the presumption that the bastiches pushing victim disarmament are open to the receipt of messages opposing their malevolent desires.

    I don’t think it can happen. The ranks of the gun-grabbers consist preponderantly of bladder-incontinent hoplophobes (people with a neurotic fear of weapons), “Liberal” fascisti (who intend doing things to law-abiding private citizens which would give those folks cause sufficient to shoot said “Liberal” fascists to death), and the lamestream media chattering class (who hold the whole of “flyover country” in utter contempt as imperial satrapies which must be rendered incapable of insurrection).

    The only “message” the gun-grabbers will genuinely and effectively receive must involve energy and velocity at the muzzle.

    And the sooner the better.

  13. I like the last line. If Coloradan citizens overwhlemingly opposed these recall elections, why did they succeed?

    There are three answers
    1: The person conducting the inital poll was an idiot
    2: The people considered the election illegitimate and refused to acknowledge it by voting in it (sadly, how Texas seceeded back in 1861).
    3: The people opposed the waste involved in a recall, but when it went through, refused to support the legislators by voting for them. (I probably would have been in this last group).

    Good money says that it’s 1.

  14. Let’s see, you’ve got questionable statistics, surveys masquerading as data, an allegedly scientific executive agency (CDC) trying to get involved…

    If it walks like a duck…

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