‘Coal Caucus’ formed to oppose EPA coal plant rules

The Register-Herald (Beckley, WV) reports:

Republican Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino and a bipartisan group of state lawmakers have formed a “Coal Caucus” to oppose new strict federal emission limits on coal plants in Pennsylvania and other states.

Marino, who represents the 10th congressional district in northeast Pennsylvania, said President Obama is waging a war on coal that’s creating economic hardship in coal-producing states.

“The Obama administration’s proposed rule to cap carbon emissions from new power plants is just another line of attack to make certain energy sources — sources like coal and fossil fuels — so expensive that the producers themselves go bankrupt,” said Marino.

More than a dozen Pennsylvania lawmakers from both major political parties joined the congressman in railing against the new federal regulations, with Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats focusing their concern on Washington.

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2 thoughts on “‘Coal Caucus’ formed to oppose EPA coal plant rules”

  1. We need an Energy Caucus. Obama and the Enablers have an agenda that will constrain energy of all types, harming even the wealthy. And although the wealthy will see the greatest hit in dollars, it’s the middle class and the poor who will see the greatest decrease in our standards of living.

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