Canadian Liberals to fast-track bill to ban minors from tanning salons

Will the Liberals also try to ban children from beaches, pools, parks and other outdoor activities based on junk science-fueled misconceptions about UV exposure?

The Toronto Star reports:

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority Liberals want to put NDP-inspired legislation banning the sale and advertising of tanning services to children under 18 on the fast track.

Health Minister Deb Matthews and Government House Leader John Milloy on Friday issued a joint statement promising to “fast-track” a bill introduced last March but stalled in the legislature.

With the house resuming Monday, the Liberals want the Skin Cancer Prevention Act passed immediately.

Read’s “Things You Should Know About Tanning Safety.”

3 thoughts on “Canadian Liberals to fast-track bill to ban minors from tanning salons”

  1. Please be aware that this is the Ontario provincial government ,also known as the Lie-berals,introducing this legislation.It happens to be about 22degrees C. today in Toronto. No snow from North Pole as of yet.BTW, this is the same pack of Greenies who I believe are paying 80 cents/kwhr for elecricity that they can buy for around 8.5 cents/kwhr using the solar panel scam on roofs.Someone help me out here.

  2. The question I have for these self-anointed guardians of the public health is and old one (Juvenal, 2nd Century CE): “quis custodiet ipsos custodes” – who will guard the guardians?
    Here in the US we have democratic elections, electoral recall, impeachment and the Second Amendment, and they are all inadequate to answering Juvenal’s query.

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