Buggered: Aussie traditional electricity users pay $167 million per year to subsidize solar panel owners

The Daily Telegraph reports:

TRADITIONAL electricity users are copping a $167 million-a-year bill to subsidise those with solar panels.

The huge cost of recovering payments to householders for feeding power into the network from photovoltaic systems has been revealed in the latest Energex annual report released last week.

The scheme will add about $32 to the average Queenslander’s annual bill this year – rising to $67 next year and $276 by 2015-16.

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4 thoughts on “Buggered: Aussie traditional electricity users pay $167 million per year to subsidize solar panel owners”

  1. Yeah I know. But solar is the future if you are young enough and smart enough to buy future stock. Wanta be a billionaire?

  2. Solar is pretty nefarious, even in the USA. Relatively rich person puts solar on the roof, and now stops paying the power company for any power, except for 1/2 dozen days a year when the sun isn’t shining enough. This person provides the power at the wrong time (12:00 noon peak vs 3pm average peek for power usage) and the utility still has to generate the energy he might use as backup for his cloudy days. But since this guy is no longer paying – the rest of us, the poorer folk, all have to pickup the bill for his backup generation, as well as the bill for his energy use in general – since the reality is he is probably not using it when he generates it, but at some other time.

    So, like Obamacare this is another program where the poor end up subsidizing the rich. It is really sad how much the Democrats hate the poor that they force them to pay for rich peoples services.

  3. Time to end the subsidies, and pay the same amount for electricity, regardless of how they choose to produce it. Leave that choice, for the consumer to decide, not the government. Wind is free…right? LOL

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