Bitter Aussie in Guardian: ‘Voting while the planet burns’

Democracy is so yesterday when the Left loses.

Jane Caro writes in The Guardian:

In the evening as we watched Australia elect a government sworn to repeal the carbon tax, we couldn’t help remarking on the irony, particularly as we watched the results come in while listening to the fire in the paddock across the river crackle and burn. As darkness fell, we could see little red pockets of fire scattered amongst the thick woodlands to our north and hear the crash of the occasional burnt out tree as it fell – in early September, on the edge of a temperate rainforest. We may have got a little drunker than we’d intended listening to the fire while watching Australians decide that what we could see, smell and hear either didn’t matter or, if it did, wasn’t important enough to truly do anything about it.

According to leaked details from the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, the world’s ice sheets are melting rapidly as the planet warms. Greenland’s ice added six times more to sea levels in the decade up to 2011 than in the previous 10 years and the Antarctic melt produced a five-fold increase.

But, hey, at least our new prime minister is going to honour all his promises – including repealing the carbon tax, whether its the right thing to do or not.

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13 thoughts on “Bitter Aussie in Guardian: ‘Voting while the planet burns’”

  1. I didn’t mean “mess with your stuff” – I meant give it away voluntarily to those in real need. It is one’s own choice. Charles Bukowski? Sorry. I assume too much. My apologies. American poet, author. Lived in LA, just up from my father in San Diego.
    Try “Ham on Rye”. Tells you what it was like for someone like him. Very funny man. Like L-F.Celine. Series of interviews on Youtube. A “bit of a lad”, as they say in the UK.

  2. “Nonetheless, I believe in social justice. . . . It wouldn’t hurt to share some wealth folks.”

    Social justice is a reification fallacy that means whatever you want it to. In current context, it is animalism. I.e., it is okay to take from others. Steal from them. Grossly immoral.

    Individual property rights are fundamental to the accumulation of wealth. “It wouldn’t hurt to share some wealth folks” is simply wrong. Stealing from people will insure the end of wealth.

    The first unwritten covenant of civilization is, “don’t mess with me and my stuff, and I won’t mess with you and your stuff.” Your suggestion is neolithic at best, base/animalistic at worst. Thou shalt not steal remains good advice.

  3. Yeah, we’re all too greedy. We should read again what that Jewish chap Jesus is reported to have said about it. When you got capital, share it wisely. Share it with honest people – there are a few out there.

  4. A BA in English literature huh? I musingly wonder if she’s ever looked at the primary data.

    Of course if I said there was no significant anthropogenic global warming, and that most of the temperature rise has been natural, she’d say my PhD in Chemistry is not sufficient for me to comment on climate science.

  5. Wealth comes from individual property rights and free trade.

    We’d like to share capitalism, but those who want to share wealth are against it.

  6. Actually, if you read the diaries of (any) Australian explorer of the 19th century, they note almost daily the existence of fire or smoke in their vicinity. Nonetheless, I believe in social justice. The rich still rule Europe and America, and Africa, and the Arab states, maybe even Israel, remember. It wouldn’t hurt to share some wealth folks.

  7. hmm I though the sea level dropped 7mm last year. I don’t know what fire the guy was watching but wonder if it was caused by sour grapes

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